How to hack gmail using phishing.

In my previous post,i have explained the basic concept of Phishing like What is phishing,how it works. If you didn't read it, you can read it from here.

Here i will show how to hack gmail passwords using phishing.

Things required:
1)gmail.html (fake login page)
2)mail.php    (to capture the login details)
3)log.txt        (to store the captured details)
  You can download them from here

step1: create an account in any free web hosting site like
step2: Now upload all the three files you have downloaded.(I have taken
step 3: Give the link of the fake page to your victim.
step 4:when he clicks the link, it opens a fake gmail page where he enters his login details. When he clicks sign         in button,his login details will be stored in log.txt file.

Here i have uploaded my scripts on to
and i clicked the gmail.html link.
A fake page was opened where i entered my login details.
Now my login details were captured by the php script and stored in log.txt file as shown in the figure below.

Hope you liked this article. For further doubts and clarifications leave your comments.
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15 Responses to this post

  1. Anonymous on 20 September 2011 00:45


  2. cnu on 20 September 2011 00:49

    thank you

  3. sathya prakash on 25 September 2011 22:52

    Haha... It WORKED Buddy.
    I got 16 members in just 2 hours...!!!!
    But you need to understand that it rests in how you convience ur frnds to use it.
    i said that if you log in with ur gmail acc in this site you get cool PORN for free!!!!!!!!

  4. raviteja on 27 September 2011 09:02

    really nice and working

  5. jagadeesh on 11 October 2011 07:10

    from where u getting the fake login pages and also php,txt.html files what is the source for u?

  6. Srinivas on 11 October 2011 08:29

    @ jagadeesh
    I dont get them from any where..
    You can create your own fake pages..
    I will write an article on "how to create fake login pages for any website"

  7. Sush on 24 October 2011 01:24

    hey how to mail the victim ? m done with uploading files in webhosting..whats the next step ? can u please upload the content of THAT MAIL which we need to send the victim ?

  8. srinivas on 24 October 2011 05:11

    @ Sush
    After uploading your files, you need to send your gmail.html page's link to your victim by any means. Like yahoo messenger,gmail etc.

    Still if you have any problems, post here.

  9. lalluayvan on 21 November 2011 08:50

    can we upload in the other sites like mediafire or some other
    as i was unable to upload this three
    i was getting an error of 505

  10. srinivas on 21 November 2011 09:11

    @ lalluayvan

    Go with
    leave a comment if you have any problems.

  11. uday on 17 December 2011 07:38

    how to upload fake gmail page into

  12. srinivas on 17 December 2011 08:00

    goto filemanager.
    There you will have an upload option

  13. Anonymous on 7 February 2012 06:36

    hai i can only able to download gamil page here.. how to download "mail.php" "log.txt"

  14. srinivas on 7 February 2012 21:53

    All the three files are available for download

  15. Anonymous on 12 March 2012 08:27

    hello boss it cannot be able to send and if i open ,it show's as phishing site!!
    better u klick and answer me

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